Type of Trick: Invert

Tricks which require a solid Aerial: Aerial Hook, Aerial Switch, Aerial Twist, Aeriola, Axe Aerial Switch, Axe2Aerial, Brandy, Double Aerial Twist, Grandmaster Swipe, Hyper Aerial (Mega), Illusion Kick, Reverse Aerial, Scissorswipe (Aerial), Webster

Abbreviation: A

Description: A cartwheel without hands. The Aerial is a trick in which the performer leans his upperbody over his base foot, and kicks up his back leg while launching off of his base foot. As the body gains lift, the leg that kicks back transfers to the other side of the body, causing the body to rotate along the coronal plane, and to make way for the landing.

The chest should face the ground just before launching and just before landing the Aerial.

Available Tutorials:
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