Butterfly Kick

Type of Trick: Kick

Tricks which require a solid Butterfly Kick: Butterfly Helicoptero, Butterfly Knife, Butterfly Switch, Butterfly Switch Hyperhook, Butterfly Twist, Butterfly Twist Round, Butterfly Twist Snapuswipe, Double Butterfly Twist Round, Hypertwist, Illusion Twist, Shuriken Twist

Abbreviation: BK

Alias: B-kick

Description: A trick where the performer places his base foot further away from his body, before dipping his upperbody down and back up in a "U" figuration. While he does this, his chest transfers from being over his back leg to being over his base leg. As the performer lifts his chest back upwards, he kicks up his back leg while launching off of his base foot. The combination of these actions should propel the performer into a flatspin. Once the back leg reaches the zenith of it's kicking motion, the base leg is kicked upwards as well while the back leg drops back down. The trick terminates by landing on the foot of the back leg and returning to stance.

The Butterfly Kick is a very sensitive trick, many things must be achieved to make it legit. While the performer is airborne the arms must be held out to the side. While kicking the base leg back, the chest must be facing forward while the navel is pointing downwards. There also must be a 180° flatspin while airborne.

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