The Official Extreme Martial Arts Tricktionary

This list is always changing and evolving and is simply a guide if you want to save some time and frustration. Some trickers are better at kicking, some better at flipping, and some better at twisting. That being said, some trickers may find an advanced trick easier to land than a beginner trick as it appears on our Tricktionary. To each his own, and don't worry about it. Not every tricker is the same, so just do your best and make sure you have fun and don't kill yourself on some crazy move for which you are unprepared. If you have any suggestions, please send a PM to the Lead Tricktionary Moderator. Tricks tagged with a (v) have a video.

Group alphabetically...
Absolute Novice Tricks
If you are new to tricking, start here. Build a solid foundation of these tricks as most of the more advanced tricks are built from this list.
Beginner Tricks
Once you have mastered the tricks in the novice section, try moving on to some of these to expand your tricking arsenal.
Intermediate Tricks
A lot of things happen while learning intermediate tricks: swingthrus, transitions, miss-legs, and step-downs become more interesting, and using them occurs more often. Also, tumbling will become "commonplace", and the difficulty of it will surely increase. Mastering these skills will begin to set you apart from your average tricker.
Advanced Tricks
By tricking standards, your gymnastic tumbling should be pretty good at this point. Swingthrus, miss-legs, and other transition skills will be used all the time, and your tricking style (tailor -fitted for you) will be manifested. The risk of injury, however, (regardless of clean technique) just shot up a couple of spots! Hours and hours of thought, trial & error, and injury went into the creation of these tricks, and it will undoubtedly take even longer to master them. This is where the NASKA competitors/champions are! A high level of talent, training ethic, and martial arts awareness will be essential towards getting most of these skills. It takes dedication and genetics to get this far, and even when the advanced tricks are acquired, they won't ever be 100% landable.
Expert Tricks
The execution of these skills makes you "top-class"! Most of the expert level tricks are simply Advanced tricks with added complexity: an extra rotation, an extra kick, etc. That being said, you must not only have mastered the expert trick's prerequisite, but also have conditioned yourself physically with plyometrics and proprioceptive training so your body can allow you enough hang time and generate enough speed and power to execute the trick.
Elite Tricks
Five years ago, these tricks were unheard of. Today, more and more trickers are landing them. If you are here, you really don't need much guidance anymore.
WTF Tricks
Shouldn't be humanly possible.... Only a select few freak trickers with no lives outside of tricking can land these after years of training, and even then these are only possible on a great tricking day with the right music, the right weather, when that one hot chick is looking at you and the casting director for Ong Bak 3 just walked in...
Extra Skills
Applying these "extra" movements add style and flair to tricking. The Gyro can be substituted for an impending skill that you might not be ready to attempt, but are working towards getting. Butterfly Twist Gyros are a nice step up from Hypertwists, and might prepare you for Double Butterfly Twists better than Hyperhooks will. Power Ranger Stance amplifies the emotional intensity of a trick , and can "mask" a potential crash if utilized quickly. Misslegs & Swingthrus shows the technicality of tricking and can be used to illustrate smoothness and finesse.
Rodeo Grab
Stepover Hook(v)
Moves that get you from trick to trick in your combos, but don't necessarily qualify as tricks themselves.
Back Sweep
Front Sweep
Hook Kick
Reverse Swing